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Bespoken Dreams Wedding Planner Design and Consultancy
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Business Dreams - We Heart PR!

PR and Marketing services for small wedding businesses

“When actions WON’T speak louder than words…”

Here at Bespoken Dreams, we heart PR! We heart weddings, words (and wine… of the pink fizzy variety).

We LOVE the suppliers we work closely with, who OF COURSE love weddings too, but words – not so much. Words, schmwords. You know your brand, nurtured it in fact, but can sometimes find it hard expressing it (unless perhaps helped by said wine of the pink fizzy variety).

Well, we want to help you shout it from the rooftops just how fantabulous YOU ARE. We want to use our words, our media contacts, your ethos, your dreams.

Business Dreams = Branded Dreams = Brands Delivered


Press Releases - £115 per release
Want the wedding world to know about a newsworthy product, launch, service, or have something exciting to share? Want to strut your stuff, market your brand and enjoy that media spotlight? We will draft a press release to charm journalists and bloggers alike. After an initial consultation we will research your topic to produce a maximum 500 worded press release with a kick. One set of changes permitted. Include one relevant image and your logo.

For an additional £35 - we will distribute the press release to media

Copywriting - £150 maximum 500 words
Lost for words? We provide textual content to tell your story, beautifully. Taglines, straplines, website, blog, brochure text and mailing content. We won’t cramp your style; we’ll match it, or indeed revamp it. Fresh and original!

Pitch Perfect - £100
Our friends at know how to pitch with a punch. Humorous, sincere and concise… they’ll hang on your every word! Initial consultation, draft review, one client change permitted, job done.

Pitch Sample One - Red Carpet Makeup | Pitch Sample Two - Marry Me Films
Bespoken Dreams Wedding Planner Design and Consultancy